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rose Flavour rose Facial Mist

Please browse our range of rose Flavour rose Fragrance Facial Mist. Wondergloss is determined to bring you the best cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, vegan beauty products on available online. Any questions please contact us.

Face Aperitif: Hydrating Facial Mist
Face Aperitif: Hydrating Facial Mist
Face Aperitif: Hydrating Facial Mist

More time at home and working remotely has seen a “Zoom” into our skin and beauty routines. Moisturizer, serums, hydrating facial sprays and mists have become more than a luxury, they’re a necessity! Keeping our complexions looking healthy, hydrated, even dewy, is all about utilizing the health and beauty benefits packed into the best facial mist. At Wondergloss, we understand the effort it takes to look our best 24/7, but we also believe in finding the products that more conveniently and effectively facilitate that quest, and those that meet any budget our shoppers have. We believe these health and beauty goals are best met with clean and responsibly sourced products that are gluten, paraben, sulfate, and most of all, cruelty free. We’re also happy to help you save the cost of a shopping trip by offering our products online, reliably shipped wherever, and whenever, you need them.

Face Aperitif

Literally referring to a wetting of the appetite, as far as hydrating facial sprays go, the Face Aperitif is a top-secret weapon that fights off the effects of yesterday’s stress and today’s workload so you look your very best at all times. Using the best facial mist is the easy and effective one-step path to achieving all day glowing skin no matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or who you’re seeing. Pack this skin-saving enhancer in your purse so you can reapply as needed on the go to keep power packed hydration, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory protection with you at all times. If the skin enhancing benefits aren’t enough, boost your spirit and energy with a clean aroma that combines the best benefits of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. Safe for all skin types, the Face Aperitif delivers an amazing skin experience that not only looks incredible, it smells and feels fantastic too.

Save by bundling our best-selling Rose products

While we believe so strongly in the powers of the best facial mists, we know their power is exponentially greater when used in combination with other health and beauty products that allow them to do their job to the max. That means pairing them with the best makeup removers and light oil cleansers that leave a clean slate for the hydrating facial spray to get to work and enhance that natural gorgeous glow your skin is ready to show the world. Active ingredients such as hydraulic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera blend together to maximize the skin’s hydration and dewy appearance while fragrant orange blossom, jasmine, and rose revitalize your spirit so that glow shines from within. We would also never forget about our role in helping our guests achieve the perfect pout in all their skincare routines. That’s why we’ve included our Rose Vegan Balm Addict into this convenient, time and money saving bundle. Protect and soothe your lips with vitamin E and a powerful blend of organic oils that luxuriously let your lips do the talking, no matter what season it is.

Everyone needs a little orange blossom in their daily life

We strongly believe the secret to our hydrating facial sprays is the jump-starting vibe and performance of energizing orange blossom they contain. In order to combat daily dehydration in our skin, along with orange blossom, the best facial mists deliver power-packed hydrating characteristics naturally contained in hydraulic acid, glycerine, and aloe vera. Get radiant, antioxidant-rich and glowing results with ingredients that work synergistically with your skin, not against it. It’s the cleanest and most natural way to achieve the intoxicating glow most people associate with youth or a tropical vacation, all available to be delivered right to your door so you’re always ready to put your best face forward.