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rose Flavour rose Oil Cleanser

Please browse our range of rose Flavour rose Fragrance Oil Cleanser. Wondergloss is determined to bring you the best cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, vegan beauty products on available online. Any questions please contact us.

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Makeup Assassin: 2 in 1 Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser
From $26.00

Are you thinking about the best way to remove makeup and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed? You might be surprised to learn that it is oil that can do this. It seems odd, but it works! The idea here is to use the same against the same. Oil based makeup remover works miraculously against any kind of makeup, and it has other benefits for skin as well.

Sure, it might seem odd to clean your skin with the same thing that you want to remove, but believe us, this is a good thing. A makeup remover that is oil based can take out anything!

When to use oil based makeup remover?

Use it anytime. Wondergloss has an oil cleanser that will totally ‘assassinate’ any lipstick, foundation, mascara and eyeliner, even the stuff that was meant to be long lasting.

And the good news is that oil cleansers do not strip all away all the good oils, moisturizers and nutrients in your skin! Our cleanser smells great, and there is no harsh scrubbing. If you feel too tired to take makeup off in the evening, no worries. Our oil based removers make this chore fast, easy, and dare we say…even delightful.

Why does an oil based makeup remover work?

Oil is gentle and does not have the harsh, drying effects of soap and chemical-based cleansers. Soap cleansing can cause the skin to dry out, make problems worse, and send those healthy skin cells out of balance. Ultimately, soap cleansing can cause the skin to overproduce oil, but oil cleansing balances and locks in healthy moisture.

It works because the cleanse is gentle and takes out the bad oils and dirt from the skin. When we wash our face, the point is not just to remove the old makeup, but also dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and pollutants. Oil removes the excess sebum, is a natural moisturizer, and leaves your skin feeling supple and clean.

What an oil based make up remover can do for your skin

An oil based makeup remover balances the oils and nutrients in your skin, and it feels and smells great. A regular cleansing routine helps your skin heal from too much of the bad oil, and cleans out clogged pores so that there is not as much damage from acne or blackheads and whiteheads. Oil cleansing is also great for mature or dry skin.

What types of cleansing oils should you be looking for?

Look at the ingredients in any product that you buy. Wondergloss’ oil based makeup removers contain castor oil to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to give the skin that soft, supple, youthful feeling. It is also rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory acids so your skin is hydrated and healthy. Olive oil ester is also essential to the skin as it does not irritate, and it conditions as well.

Try oil based makeup removers if you ever have the feeling that washing your face with soap and water is not for you! Wondergloss Makeup Assassin removes, cleanses, protects and hydrates.