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Have Pretty Things, Feel Good
We’re skincare for the woman who often finds herself sitting on the couch with a pint of ice cream watching Clueless for the bajillionith time on a Friday night, but still goes out for a killer brunch with her girlfriends on Saturday where she wants to look bomb.
The kind of girl who will drink champagne with a burger, or who isn't too proud to shop clearance racks. Basically, the fun, normal girl who just doesn't care what others think. She likes things to be easy with little effort. Top knots and sneakers. But still gets joy out of pretty things.

She’s the woman who is so over doing life for someone else, and all about living for her. If she wants to wear her yoga pants to brunch, she will. But she’ll do it with flare and the hottest top knot anyone has ever seen.
She may favor the $10 wine over the $20 bottle, but she’ll gladly drop $100 on a beautiful candle that she can admire day in and day out on her dresser.

Her priorities are straight - things that make her feel amazing are #1, and that’s where we come in.