Beauty Do’s and Don’ts

With so many bloggers and youtubers promoting their beauty routines, it’s hard to know which practices to follow, right? Luckily, there are some really good bloggers who look at facts and try to separate science from what’s currently trending, which is something many tend to not take the time to do. Luckily, there are some basic rules for beauty practices, and I’ve done the legwork for you as far as what you should, or shouldn’t, be doing when it comes to your beauty routine!


  • Moisturize Everyday- This one is kind of a no brainer for some, but it’s a very important rule when it comes to beauty. Everyone needs moisture, regardless of their skin types. It’s just important to find the right one to suit your needs, but it is still something that you should be doing everyday regardless. Throughout the day, our skin loses some of the moisture that it needs, be it from dry heat or standing in an air-conditioned room all day...that’s why it’s important to replenish the hydration in your skin to maintain a healthy complexion at all times.
  • Throw Out Cream Or Liquid Products When You're Supposed To- Now this is a hard one even for myself to remember...never with my kit products for clients though, of course! But oftentimes I will stay using that same lipstick I had for years and then wonder why it smells funky(whoops!). But it is very important to understand why cosmetic products have expiration dates and recommended usage times from the moment you open the product. Ingredients can tend to become less stable past their predicted expiration dates, which is why it’s important to pay attention to them and toss them out when it’s time to. But this rule also makes it easier to use up a product one at a time as opposed to opening/buying multiples and then not knowing which you opened first, only to have some go to waste.
  • Clean Your Tools Once A Week- Another important practice that is essential to having healthy skin is washing your brushes and cleaning your tools often. It may seem like it may be fine to go prolonged periods without cleaning these tools, but this is vital to eliminating the buildup and spread of bacteria.
  • Wear Sunscreen 365 Days A Year- Yup, you read that right. Wearing sunscreen even on cloudy or rainy days is just as important as wearing it on bright and clear days. The harmful rays can penetrate through clouds and also reflect off surfaces, so it’s important to protect your skin at all times from the damage it can do.
  • Research- I cannot stress this enough, but it is very important to do your due diligence and research what is really harmful for you and what isn’t. Too many trends are emerging, such as the fear mongering fiction that silicones are bad for you, so it’s important to research the facts when it comes to your beauty routines and not just follow what is “trending” at the time.


  • Share Your Mascara Or Lip Products With Loved Ones- Even I am guilty of having done this in the past, so don’t beat yourself up too much if you have done this before like I have. But what is important is that you are aware of the damage it can cause, and to move forward with the knowledge that sharing beauty products can get contaminated...even with your family members! Cream and liquid products harbor bacteria, so sharing mascara or lip glosses/sticks is a definite no no when it comes to maintaining not only your beauty, but your health too. A myriad of problems can develop from doing this, like staph infection, so it’s important to remember that sharing isn’t always caring!
  • Bake- A technique used for stage performers, this actually does more harm than good, and I’ll tell you why. The reason this technique is used is for performing under hot lights and strenuous conditions while on stage. It is not meant for daily use for many reasons, the biggest being that it causes extensive damage to the sensitive skin around the eyes and mouth, causing your skin to age at an accelerated rate. Also, it increases texture issues due to so much product being used. What you can do instead is set the areas you wish to with a light dusting of your favorite setting powder, pressed into the areas you want and then softly smoothing out the excess product.
  • Stick Your Fingers Into Your Skincare Jars- Even if you just washed your hands, it’s best to use a tiny spoon or spatula to get out the product you want to use from a jar. This prevents bacteria from building up in your skincare products, and the last thing you want is to get damaged from the treatments that are supposed to be helping you, right?