About Wondergloss

Wondergloss caters to customers who don’t take beauty too seriously. They enjoy skincare, but they’re not down for a million steps. If it makes you feel good, use it! Founded in Fall 2019, (awesome timing right?) in Courtney's Los Angeles Beauty Studio.


Courtney Dailey Croll Wondergloss Founder
Adam and Courtney
Courtney Dailey Founder Wondergloss
Antonio Wondergloss creative assistant

Meet Founder Courtney

As a little girl I was fascinated with my mom’s make up collection; Max Factor pan stick, L’Oreal lipsticks and Great Lash mascara. In my late teens, I turned this fascination into my passion. Fast forward many years, and I am a make-up artist and beauty product photographer. Meaning, I smash and style some of your favorite products! My product studio, is my second home, that I happen to love making a mess in. Go peek! www.courtneydailey.com

I have worked with really beautiful lines, but many of them are for women with time for complicated rituals. That sounds fabulous, but it’s not my life. I talk to my friends, and it’s not their lives either. If I’m in the bath, my cat’s tail is the water with me. That's when I realized that often products aren't exactly produced for girls like me. I feel a sense of fomo that I don’t have fantastic rituals and an all carrera marble bathroom to perform these rituals. Exactly, how many orchids are required? 

I created Wondergloss for the kind of girl who will drink beaujolais with a burger, feels no shame bringe watching 90 Day Fiancee and likes making making things easy. She likes things to be easy with little effort. Like top knots and sneakers. Why thank you! This dress DOES have pockets!

If she wants to wear her yoga pants to brunch, she will. But she’ll do it with flare and the hottest top knot anyone has ever seen. Her priorities are straight - things that make her feel amazing are #1, and that’s where we come in.

Join me as I make a bigger mess in my studio, creating pretty things for you with my assistants Antonio (Cat) and Bruce (rabbit).