Black Owned Beauty Brands To Check Out

With so much injustice going on for so long to the black community, it’s about time we all put our money where our mouths are, and what better way than to support some amazing black owned beauty brands that carry some out-of-this-world products? It’s important to understand that while they are black owned businesses, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have products for non-black persons...unlike some non-black brands that only cater to lighter tones and lack products that are inclusive. Here are my favorite brands from some melanin goddesses!

  • Danessa Myricks Beauty - One of my favorite beauty brands PERIOD, Danessa Myricks is not only Makeup Artist/Photographer/Creator/Published Author goals, her products are just phenomenal! Loved in both the pro industry and consumers alike, her formulas perform like none other. With a completely inclusive shade range, powerful longwear formulas, blinding highlighters and the best dewy foundations I have ever tried, there is no limit to what you can create with her makeup. Photo-friendly but also real-life-wear friendly, I was addicted for life from the first product I got from her...and that was just a highlighter! I then got her foundations and it was game over. Every formula is designed to be fully customizable and multifunctional, and the rich textures are like real life filters. So no matter what item you decide to be your first purchase from this brand, you’re gonna be addicted too! Shop the brand at
  • Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care - This brand is fantastic in that not only do they carry some amazing serums, eye creams, masks, moisturizers, body butters, and other topical treatments, they also have beauty products that work internally such as teas. I love the taste of the Acne one, but the Anti-Aging one isn’t as yummy. However, it’s super effective! After only one cup, the next day my hubby said I looked so rested and I’d brave the taste of it for the sake of beauty(though it’s not even that bad...I just have a massive sweet tooth haha)! Plus, the owner says you can mix them, so not only can you target both acne and signs of aging, you can make it taste good by mixing them or even adding some honey. This brand is definitely my favorite small business, so go check them out and support while getting your beauty on at the same time! You’ll be hooked once you see how fast you notice results with using her products! Shop the brand at
  • Pat McGrath Labs - This brand needs very little introduction to most beauty lovers. Known as “Mother”, Pat McGrath has been an influential figure in both the pro world as well as by Time Magazine! Being a heavyweight makeup artist who has worked countless fashion shows and on major publications, she developed her line with working makeup artists in mind. The formulas are gorgeous and stunning, with rich and vivid shades and a wide array of textures. I have yet to try a product of hers that I dislike, from her eyeshadows and her lipsticks, to her setting powders and highlighters. I even carry her lipsticks as my go to for my pro makeup kit...they glide on like a dream! Shop the brand at