How To Deal With Razor Burn, Bumps, And All Things Shaved

I know that shaving isn’t a big deal for many people, but for me, it’s just the worst! The itchiness, the ingrown hairs, and the razor bumps have made me swear off shaving very early on. What do I do instead to help rid myself of the ever-so-thick hair and prevent me from constantly looking like a wild, grizzly beast? I’ll share all my practices, treatments, and tools right here so that you, too, will never suffer from those pesky issues from shaving as I have!

Now, many may think that razor burn and razor bumps are the same thing, but they’re not. Before we move ahead to treatments, it’s important to distinguish the difference, though related they may be. Razor burn is a skin irritation that is caused by shaving while razor bumps are a result of ingrown hair which is caused by hair removal by any means, like plucking, waxing, threading, as well as shaving.

  • Leave It Be - For those of you who shave everyday, this may be a hard one to follow, but nonetheless needs to be recommended. By leaving the irritated and tender skin alone, you give it time to heal and reduce the risk of further inflammation, as well as minimize the chances of infection.
  • When In Doubt, Scrub It Out! - Exfoliating your skin is key to preventing those stubborn stubblies! Not only does getting that layer of dead skin off help prevent your hairs from going back in under the skin, but it also makes anywhere you exfoliate feel softer than a baby’s bottom! That’s where Sexapeel comes into play. If you’ve read my other articles, you already know how I can go on and on about this wonder product, so I won’t say anything else except you need it in your life...whether you have shaving issues or not! Trust me, grab a bottle and you’ll see what all the fuss is about in the pro industry...I know I sure did! Sexapeel $42 is available at
  • Electric Trimmers Are Highly Underrated - This is perhaps the only type of electronic tool that I have heavily depended on for almost 2 decades, and with quite good reason! I was tired of having to grow my hair out and wait for the day of an event to shave my legs, only to find the stubble growing back less than 24 hours later and my skin so irritated that I couldn’t do much else but cover them up the following day. Not only do I use electric trimmers on my facial hair to maintain my brows and keep my ‘stash at bay, but now I get to remove the hair from my legs everyday! I know my husband is super thankful for this and I will no longer get the side eye during those cold winters when I can outdo him in the fur department with my desi girl legs haha! Here’s the one I use on both my legs as well as my underarms: S
  • Ice, Ice, Baby - A cold compress or cool shower might be just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the red, itchy mess on your skin that your razor left behind. It’s proven that the cold helps relieve itchiness, as well as the fact that it’s an amazing solution to treat many types of inflammation. With the winter season fast approaching, a brisk walk in your favorite mini skirt just might do the trick too! Just make sure to bundle up top so you don’t freeze off unintended parts of yourself haha!