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Q&A with @kayley.e

Name: Kayley Reed
City: Montreal, QC
Instagram Handle: @kayley.e

Favourite scent?
Vera Wang - Princess has been my go-to perfume for a decade, and it’s still my favourite scent!

The song you love getting ready to?
Delicate by Taylor Swift (also - the entire Reputation album)

Furry friends?
I have a Ragdoll kitty named Rose :) I’m kind of obsessed with her (yes, she has her own instagram account) and she’s the reason I’m transitioning to only cruelty-free brands! (One of the reasons I love Coco E.)

Favourite Coco Ensoleille product?
Orange Blossom Balme. I use it every day, twice a day! I love that it leaves my skin feeling super soft and dewy. I also love using the Creme Brulee Face Magnifique over my BB cream (and as an eye lid topper!) to give my skin a bronzey glow.

Go-to skincare tip or routine?
Alwayyyyyssss wash your face before bed! And drink lots of water. Skincare starts from within :)

Describe a day-in-the-life of Kayley?
Everyday is a little different as a freelancer and creative, but I try to wake up with Yoga Wake Up (my new favourite app!). I always have a coffee and croissant first thing out of bed, and then get my playlist going. Emails and social media updates for the morning, and I usually spend a portion of my day working on creative projects for myself or clients: either blog photos, writing, video edits, or podcasts. I’m trying to cook more in the evenings (though I love take out) and disconnect on weekends to really spend time with friends, fam, and myself.


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