Q&A with @kimmykitta

Name: Kim Mykitta
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Instagram Handle: @kimmykitta

Favourite scent?
I love anything lavender!

The song you love to get ready to?
Right now, it would definitely be a song off of HAIM's latest album 'Something to Tell You'.

Go-to skincare tip or routine?
My go-to tip when it comes to skincare is simple: stick with it. Oftentimes I talk to people who have tried a product a few times and given up because they don't see results. But it takes a lot longer than just a couple applications to really get the full effects, so if you find a new product, use it for a few weeks or month until you decide whether it works for you.

Describe a day-in-the life of Kim?
My typical day involves me working my 9-5 job as a fashion copywriter. When I'm not working, on the weekends you'll find me cooking (I love experimenting with new recipes!), taking my dog Milo to the park, exploring the city and shooting blog content. And at the end of a productive day there's nothing I love more than cozying up and binging a good TV show. Currently, I'm super into This Is Us and Love on Netflix.

What inspires you as a creative?
I love getting together with local blogger friends and just sharing our experiences, tips, tricks and ideas. Our group includes women from all walks of live, with all kinds of backgrounds, so it's always a melting pot of fresh ideas and perspectives when we meet up. My husband, who is also my photographer, is a huge inspiration to me—we definitely think of ourselves as a creative team and love helping each other come up with exciting campaign ideas.

Favourite place in SoCal?
Probably Griffith Park. There's just something about being up in the hills next to the Hollywood sign overlooking the city that takes my breath away. As cheesy as it may sound, it's totally true—even after living here for 10 years!

Favourite IG accounts right now?
Right now I'm loving @ashbegash and @loveandloathingla. Not only are their feeds total #goals, but they also seem super authentic and like girls I would actually be friends with in real life.