All About Facial Peels: The Ins, Outs, and In-Betweens

Skin care is so important as a tool to help us age well naturally, but many people make the mistake of waiting until their 30s to start really caring for their skin. This is a lost opportunity. The sooner you begin understanding and caring for your skin, the younger and healthier your skin will stay. Facial peels can be an excellent part of your skin care routine, and whether you have an existing routine or are just getting into skin care – here’s what you need to know.

What is a facial peel?

A facial peel is usually a chemical or enzyme solution that is applied to the skin, left for a designated period and then gently removed. The peel removes surface skin gently, helping to expose a fresh layer of skin that has less dryness, discoloration or blemishes. A peel is an excellent way to prep your skin for nourishing and restorative skin care products.

There are many types of peels out there in various consistencies, often formulated for specific skin types or issues. When you are looking for a peel for yourself, be sure to read reviews, ingredient lists and understand which type of product you need. For instance, those with acne will benefit from peels that feature salicylic acid and may find that using a product without that in it is less effective.

When should I peel?

Facial peels should be used sparingly because, as you may imagine, resurfacing your skin can make it sensitive! At-home peels can be used weekly, in most cases, but always read the directions on your product. If you are new to the game, plan on using it once per month to not over-sensitize your skin. It is best to perform a facial peel as part of your evening routine since you want to avoid sunburn or stressing your newly revealed skin by exposing it to UV light.

In terms of how to fit it into your routine, cleanse first and then apply your peel according to the directions. After your peel is removed you can use your favorite toner and serum followed by a gentle moisturizer, however if it is your first time doing a peel or using a specific peeling product, it may be better to skip the toner and serum and go right to a quality, fragrance-free moisturizer. The reason for this is that your skin may react negatively to the peel, and you don’t want to exacerbate that reaction by piling other products onto your skin – or your sensitized skin may react to one of your other products.

Baby Steps

If you are a peel-queen, then get your peel on! But for anyone new to the skin care game, or the facial peel world of skin care – take it slow. Experiment with what works best for you. Try products in the evening, limit what you are using in your routine when you try a new product, and if ever doing a facial peel during the day ensure your moisturizer contains SPF, or apply at least an SPF 30 after moisturizing before going outside – no matter what the weather.

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