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Facial Peel

Please browse our range of Facial Peel. Wondergloss is determined to bring you the best cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, vegan beauty products on available online. Any questions please contact us.

Facial peels that you can use at home are a great and affordable way of taking care of your skin. Some of the general steps of an at home facial include cleaning, sometimes using steam, exfoliating, using a mask, and moisturizing. The purpose of a facial peel is to penetrate the skin even deeper for a more thorough clean. In general, they can help reduce the look of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and discoloration. You can even go all out and set the scene with candles and soft music. There are many ways to have a nice, relaxing at home facial peel. The steps are easy but what about the products? What are the best products to use to give you the best at home results for your skin? Have you ever tried a pumpkin face peel? A pumpkin face peel is a natural, all-in-one product that rejuvenates the skin. Here’s why you should try a pumpkin face peel during your next at home spa night.

What Is a Pumpkin Face Peel?

One of the great things our pumpkin face peel is that it is all natural and does not contain chemicals that will irritate the skin. Pumpkin contains vitamin A, vitamin B-6, niacin, potassium and other great vitamins, minerals and natural acids. These vitamins and minerals create a great healthy facial peel that exfoliates and moisturizes. They help promote the growth of new skin cells, which will give the skin a refreshed, younger look. This type of facial peel helps reduce the look of blemishes and fine lines. Pumpkin facial peels are moisturizing and hydrating too! All of these effects help reduce the look of aging and create healthy glowing skin.

Why Use It?

Our pumpkin facial peel will help with a wide range of skin issues. It is not meant to target just one issue like some other types of peels. It can help with acne by reducing the look of acne scars and helping soothe the skin. It can also help with reducing the look of aging and damage like scars and discoloration. Pumpkin facial peels are great for dealing with dark circles. You will not have to buy multiple products if you are trying to treat multiple skin issues in one session.

How Do You Use It?

To get the best results from your pumpkin face peel, be sure to read the directions. You should clean your skin and make sure to remove all of the makeup first. Then you apply the pumpkin peel mask and let it sit for the recommended amount of time. Once the time is up, rinse your skin thoroughly. You’ll see the results right away. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and rejuvenated without having to have a costly in-spa treatment. When you’ve done the facial, you can apply your regular moisturizer and sunscreen.

Our pumpkin face peel is a great all-in-one product for giving you healthy-looking skin. It penetrates deep into the skin to refresh and hydrate. This product is best suited for normal, combination, oily and dry skin types. If you have sensitive or reactive skin, contact us to discuss one of our many other skincare products.