Common Skincare Myths

If you don’t already know by now, I am a skincare addict! And with being one comes the need to research and try to separate fact from fiction in order to fully utilize my products...and also to make sure I’m using them effectively! I mean, there’s no point in using all of the amazing skincare that I do if I’m doing it wrong and not reaping the full benefits of the products, amiright? Well, there’s a few skincare myths floating around out there that we’re gonna get down to busting in this article, so hang on to your serums and keep reading!

Myth #1: Anything Marked Natural, Clean, Or Chemical Free Is Better For You

First of all, there is no such thing as “clean” beauty products. This is a marketing term and not regulated by the FDA, which means you can slap the term on pretty much any product. Second, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that parabens and preservatives in your products are damaging to your skin or body. In fact, the opposite can be true. Without preservatives in products, skincare and makeup are more susceptible to the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold...YIKES! However, should you choose to still go the natural route, make sure you pay close attention to the expiration dates on your products since natural alternatives tend to go bad much faster.

Myth #2: The More You Exfoliate, The Better

Nope. Over-exfoliating causes extensive damage to the skin, and while it may feel good at the time, the long term results are not what you want. We so often want instant satisfaction, and this applies to our beauty products too! Even though exfoliating every day, or even every other day, may feel good, it can be very damaging to the skin. We want our products to FEEL like they are working so we can get caught up in unhealthy routines as a result. The damage from exfoliating too often are that it strips the skin of the natural moisture it needs, makes your skin more susceptible to infections, clogged pores, and free radicals that can lead to unwanted wrinkles as well as sun damage.

Myth #3: If It Burns, That Means It’s Working

Not true! If it burns, get it off your face asap! Slight tingling is normal when using products with certain ingredients in them, but it should never sting or burn. “Beauty is pain” definitely does not apply when it comes to your skincare! If something feels off to you, the best advice is to remove it right away and discontinue use.

Myth #4: Steam From Hot Water Opens Up Your Pores

As hard as it may be to believe, your pores do not change size as you’ve been told. The idea that pores open and close based on water temperature is a common, age old myth but in reality, it’s simply not true, because your pores are technically always open! While steam is beneficial to the skin for a multitude of reasons, “opening” up your pores isn’t one of them.

Myth #5: Coconut Oil Is A Good Moisturizer

While certain oils are extremely beneficial to the skin, coconut oil doesn’t belong on that list...or your face! Coconut oil is actually one of the most comedogenic oils, which means it clogs up your pores and leads to pimples. It’s thick and acts like a layer of wax when applied, sitting on top of the dermis and creating a plastic wrap-like film over the skin, with nothing going in and nothing getting out. If that isn’t scary enough, this prevents the skin of properly doing its job of secreting oil and sweat, causing bacteria and dead skin cells to fester under the skin, clogging pores which produces excess sebum and leading to breakouts.