Common Makeup Myths

Working makeup artists have heard it all, from “Any other makeup but (insert brand here) breaks me out” to “It’s okay, my regular mineral foundation powder has SPF in it” and, of course, my favorite “I’m going to wear this makeup look that you did on me all weekend since I have multiple events to go to!”. Whether you heard it from your auntie’s best friend, or read it from your favorite beauty blogger, it’s hard to figure out what makeup advice is legitimate sometimes, no? Well, I’m here to put your mind to rest and bust some common makeup myths you may have heard!

  • Wearing Makeup Breaks You Out- Perhaps the most common myth I’ve heard is that a client tried a certain brand's makeup and it broke them out. While this may seem legit since you can supposedly see the results for yourself, it has no basis in science. No makeup is proven to actually be the culprit of breakouts. The cause of why you may be breaking out can be a multitude of reasons, from washing off the makeup incorrectly(or not washing it off at all!), to using dirty brushes to apply, sweating while wearing makeup, or even pairing a less than ideal combination of ingredients.
  • Using A Primer Creates A Protective Barrier In Between Your Skin And The Makeup- Your skin doesn’t absorb things the way you have been taught that it does...plain and simple. If it did, then sitting in a bathtub of water would be enough to ensure that we have the hydrated and supple skin of our dreams. If only it were that easy! Most things that do get absorbed into your skin do not make it past the first few layers of dead stratum corneum, with even less making it past the epidermis to the deeper dermis, which is where your blood vessels are located.
  • You Don’t Need Sunscreen If Your Makeup Has SPF- In order to get the full benefits of sunscreen in makeup, we would have to put on layers and layers (AND LAYERS) of it for it to be effective. The SPF in makeup is not enough to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, so always add on a separate SPF on your face prior to applying makeup.
  • Preservatives In Makeup Is Bad- This harmful myth could not be more false. The truth is that most beauty products require an effective preservative system in order to make them safe to use. Preservatives are there to stop bacteria and mould from getting in and multiplying, which can and will lead to a myriad of health problems including infection.
  • Designer Makeup Is Better For You- I’ve actually found the opposite to be true in some cases. While I do love my Armani foundations, my RCMA or Cinema Secrets work just as well, and have ingredients that meet pro standards. Plus they have a lower price point than foundations with a designer name brand attached to them, making them easier on both your wallet AND your face!
  • You Can Sleep In Your Makeup- Nope. Thassit.