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Q&A with @contentbylaur

Name: Lauren
City: Stamford, CT
Instagram Handle: @contentbylaur

Favourite scent?
I am all about scented candles - there's at least three lit in my teeny apartment at any given time! My go-to's right now are anything with sandalwood or lavender.

I have a rabbit named Alfee and a cat named Tulip! I am absolutely obsessed with them. 

The song you love getting ready to?
I LOVE Your Side of the Bed by Loote. It gives me so much energy while getting ready in the morning!

Go-to skincare tip or routine?
Keep it natural! Staying away from harsh ingredients or products has been key for me in clearing up my skin. Also - when it comes to skincare, what you put into your body is just as important as what you're putting on it!

Describe a day in the life of Lauren?
If I'm not traveling for work, my typical day starts off really early with a workout, either at home or at the gym. I then have about an hour or so where I drink coffee and work on my blog (this is my favorite part of the day!). I work 9-5, and then usually keep my evenings pretty low-key. I'll go for a walk, cook up a big dinner, or run any errands I may have! Not too exciting, but I love my routine!

What inspires you as a creative?
Just about everything! I studied art in college, and have learned to find inspiration in the most unexpected places. I find that the things I am most passionate about (health, wellness, style, etc.) are the strongest fuel for my creativity, which is why I started my blog!

Favourite IG accounts right now?
Ugh, so many... Instagram has really hit its stride recently. I love @studiomcgee for home inspiration, @somethingnavy for style ideas, @innerlightwellness (my infrared sauna place) for health/wellness posts, and @mrorlandosoria for both home decor and crazy Instagram-story entertainment. Just to name a few! I could go on forever…


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