Favorite Brow Gels

With fluffy, feathered brows being all the rage again these days, brow gels are more popular than ever! And being of Pakistani descent, I’m all for not having to pluck those medium sized caterpillars on my forehead anymore! But it also means that I have to find the right products to groom and tame my thick brows to have them looking clean and in place, and NOT like the unruly beasts they’d rather be! Having super thick hair also means I have to find brow gels that actually do what I need them to, and not all brow gels necessarily perform as advertised. And with so many of us unable to get our brows done as usual due to the pandemic, a solid brow gel will sure come in handy, no? So to separate trends from...well, products that actually work, I’ll share some of my most favorite brow gel finds with you!

  • The BrowGal Eyebrow Setting Gel - This clear, water-resistant gel is one that really does do all it boasts about! You can use it over pencils or powders to lock everything in place and keep it flake free all day long! And not only is it water resistant, it’s also sweat resistant too, which means you can go out dancing all night long and don’t have to worry about your brows ending up on your cheeks(this may or may not be from personal experience)! Another huge plus is that a tube of this bad boy lasts for quite some time, which means you don’t have to worry about it drying out after only a few weeks of regular use! Eyebrow Setting Gel $20 is available at www.thebrowgal.com
  • Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel - I discovered this brand through my Ipsy membership, and I’m so glad they sent it to me because A) I had never heard of this brand before that and B) I have yet to try something from Thrive Cosmetics that I dislike! This waterproof AND smudge-proof gel comes in 3 different colors, and has Semi-Permanent Micro Pigment Technology to provide color that truly lasts. What makes this product different is that it has Liquid Microblading Technology that combines the company’s proprietary blend of ingredients that, over time, gradually tint every hair for gorgeous brows that are naturally defined even when you’re not using it! And for every brow gel you purchase, they donate to help women thrive around the world, which not only makes this an amazing product to purchase, but an ethical one as well! Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel $24 is available at www.thrivecausemetics.com
  • Makeup Forever Brow Gel - This aloe vera packed brow gel is just the thing needed to soften and hydrate even the driest and most brittle of brows, but still has enough strength and staying power to tame them with no hints of stiffness or flakiness! The shape of the brush is also unique with one side to help the fluffy inner corners and a flat side to deposit color onto the tail end of the brow hairs with ease. Also, the tube may seem small, but I’ve used it for months before it showed any hint of running out! Plus, this is the only brow gel I’ve seen that comes in a squeezy tube, which means you get every little bit of product in there. Brow Gel $20 is available at www.makeupforever.com