How To Use Facial Rollers to Lift And Reduce Puffiness

I don’t know about you, but I’ve bought so many jade and quartz rollers throughout the years only to have them end up sitting in the bottom of my beauty drawer because I didn’t really know how to use one properly. So if you’re anything like me, this article will help you put that forgotten roller to some good use, and if you’re not, then maybe this will inspire you to go out and grab one!

Regardless of your skin type or age, facial rollers can be extremely beneficial not only for beauty reasons, but also for overall health. The origins of tools like this go back centuries, so it's definitely more than just an Instagram trend! This tool delivers many very real benefits, backed by dermatologists and aestheticians alike. However, knowing HOW to use them correctly is absolutely essential.

Basically what a roller does is massage to push fluids to your lymph nodes, which end up processing and filtering them out of your system, and is called “lymphatic drainage”. While I know this may sound gross, it’s actually really good for you! This promotes the removal of unwanted toxins and prevents sluggish circulation. When doing this technique consistently, it delivers lifting, depuffing and an overall healthy complexion. It also helps with acne prone skin, inflammation, stimulates collagen production, and promotes well being and relaxation. Plus, it feels really good, because it’s a massage...only it’s for your face! While this is something you should do everyday, there are a few things to keep in mind during this process.

First off, it's pointless to get to your face before starting at the ideal place: your neck. The neck needs to be rolled and massaged first in order to clear the lymph passageways before going further up. It is key to start this way every time, and also relaxes your neck muscles to make the experience more enjoyable.

Secondly, you don’t want to get carried away by pressing too hard. Too much pressure can break capillaries and irritate your skin. It’s recommended to use a light hand and to just let the weight of the roller do its job. Plus, this is meant to be a relaxing time for you, so it’s good to take it easy!

Third, it is very important to clean your roller and sanitize it properly. The last thing you want is for bacteria to build up and cause a myriad of problems, from acne to infection. You always want to sanitize it with alcohol, but the alcohol percentage is also more important than you might think! 70% is better than any percentage above it. Why? Well, anything above that evaporates too fast to sanitize properly, so you always want to go with 70%. It’s also important to clean this way after each and every use, regardless of how tired you may be. Your skin will thank you!

And lastly, you can use the roller by itself before applying skincare, but I like using it after. This is because it pushes my serums and moisturizer deeper into my skin, and who doesn’t want that? Another side tip is to store your roller in the fridge. This helps even further with inflammation and redness, and has added benefits towards depuffing. It’s also great for those who suffer from sinus issues and allergies, plus is an absolute must for those humid summers!

Now that you’re armed with all the information you’ll be needing, onto the part you’ve been waiting for: how to use your facial roller:

  1. You want to cover your clavicle area in up and down motions.
  2. You want to do a sweeping roll upwards all over your neck.
  3. Then you want to roll upwards along area of the jawline, starting from the center of your chin going to the outside part of your face towards your earlobe.
  4. Next, you want to start with the roller on the outside of your chin area going upwards towards the edge of your nose along the corner of your lips
  5. You want to place the roller in between your nose and lips, right where your smile lines would be, and then glide the roller towards the top of your ear area in a curved motion.
  6. Then you want to start from the side of your nose and roll all the way past the cheekbone to the hairline.
  7. You want to flip the tool over to the smaller side and do the sides of your nose in upward motions.
  8. Keep it on the smaller side and do the eye area, starting from the inner corners and working your way upward and outward(be careful not to get your lashes caught in the roller when doing this part because some can get caught in the device when getting too close to the lash line...I may or may not be speaking from experience).
  9. Then you want to roll from in between your brows upward horizontally towards your scalp
  10. Lastly, you want to start from the middle of your forehead moving to the outside of your face towards your temples
  11. Clean your tool and you’re done!