Mature Skin Essentials

It can seem, in today’s world, that a lot of marketing when it comes to skincare always has a bunch of twenty-something models with already perfect skin and the glow of youth...even in the anti-aging advertisements! As a result, it can be hard to navigate through the seemingly endless array of beauty products to find the right ones for mature skin sometimes, no?

When looking for products that are beneficial to mature skin, there are some key things to look for. For instance, while hydration is essential for mature skin, you want to look for products that will be plumping as well as nourishing and anti-aging. Regardless of how minimalist or regimented you are in your skincare routine, there are likely changes in your skin that need to be addressed at every stage of life and tailored accordingly.

Put Down The Charcoal

Cleansing the skin should be with something that is gentle and mild, without ingredients like charcoal that can be abrasive and overly drying for mature skin. Because mature skin can tend to be dry or sensitive, it’s important to use something that won’t strip it or be irritating. For this reason, it’s best to use a cleanser that has skin protective ingredients like ceramides and provides good barrier protection. Cream cleansers are ideal, and my favorite to use on mature skin is the Refreshing Cleanser by Murad. This creamy, foaming cleanser is hydrating, softens and enhances skin’s smoothness, and gently washes away impurities, makeup and surface oil. With Cucumber Extract and Hawaiian White Ginger, this cleanser is great for pretty much all skin types, but especially for mature skin! Refreshing Cleanser $40 is available at


Many think that mature skin doesn’t need to be exfoliated or that doing so may increase dryness and sensitivity, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, if anything, you need it even more! 

Plump It Up!

There’s nothing mature skin needs more than a solid plumping treatment, and nothing works better than the Water Elixir! This liquid moisturiser and serum in one is not only a hydrating and skin plumping treatment, but can also be used as a mixing medium for your makeup too! And there’s nothing mature skin loves more than cream products, which means you can turn your favorite powder blush into a skin loving cream formula! Not only is it great in giving your skin some much needed moisture, but it also helps sensitive skin repair it’s compromised barrier, which makes this a must have product for all ages as well as skin types! Water Elixir $49 is available at


It's always a good idea.