Skincare For Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is often confused with dry skin, but they are not the same at all. The difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin is that dehydrated skin is lacking in water while dry skin is lacking in natural and necessary oils. Therefore oily skin(and really any skin type) can be dehydrated. Signs of dry skin can be scaly skin, dry flakes, redness and irritation, which differs from signs of dehydrated skin that include dullness, itchiness, increased sensitivity, sunken eyes, and dark circles on the under eye area.

Can’t tell if your skin is dehydrated or not? Well, a simple way that you can test your skin’s hydration levels is by a little pinch. You want to take a small portion of the skin around the cheek area and lightly squeeze(the key is lightly! We don’t want any bruising!). If you see any wrinkling or notice that your skin doesn’t bounce back after you let go, your skin may be dehydrated. Here’s some stuff that will help with that:

  • Exfoliate With Sexapeel - Dead skin can keep moisturizers and serums from fully absorbing into dehydrated skin, so exfoliating properly is key. This is a great product for sloughing off the dead skin from the surface of your face(and body!). I never thought I had dehydrated skin, but once i started treating my skin as though it was, I noticed massive changes in most of the issues I was suffering from. This treatment has completely transformed my skin, from the texture of it all the way to how fast it heals from acne. Sexapeel $42 is available at
  • Boost Of Hydration With Hyaluronic Acid - My favorite add on product to my skincare routine has, by far, been the hyaluronic acid by The Ordinary. When I say add on product, I mean that it is not meant to replace serums or moisturizer, but rather enhance your routine...regardless of what else you are pairing it with! Hyaluronic Acid is essential for hydration in any skincare treatment. This is a great product for dehydrated skin and gives an almost instant relief to itchiness and sensitivity, and it’s vegan too! The only downside is that I’m not too keen on how it dries down or feels under makeup, which is why I tend to save using this treatment only at night. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 $6.80 is available at
  • Moisturize With Tidal - Skincare backed by science, this moisturizer is great for those who want deep hydration with none of the greasy residue or thick consistency of some leading competitors deep moisture creams. The papaya enzymes help smooth the skin, with two forms of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and alpha-arbutin to brighten. It’s also cruelty free, paraben free and vegan, and works great under makeup! Tidal $65 is available at
  • Spray Away - Nothing like a good facial spray to help with dehydration!