Timeless Beauty Tips

Finding quality products that hold up to pro standards can be hard enough as is, but finding companies worthy of supporting can be equally hard. Much like fast fashion, the mainstream beauty industry struggles to “keep up” and insists on putting out subpar products every month to keep their clients interested with newness, which is why it’s more important than ever before to do your research about the quality of the products you are using as well as about the brands themselves and what they stand for.

  • Viseart- This brand has been my favorite for not only the fact that their products are absolutely out of this world, but that this business is one I have the utmost respect for. Anastasia, the owner, and her small team are truly dedicated to creating quality products and their moral compass is on point when it comes to the brand’s business practices. Every pure pigment shadow is hand pressed and every product is tested on themselves first to make sure that they are up to the highest of standards. They are made in small, tightly controlled batches to ensure that every product maintains pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. They actually care about their customers, which is why it really shows in that the products speak for themselves with how good they perform! It’s rare that I carry any shadows that are not by this brand in my kit anymore, and with good reason(s)! Free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, the brand’s products are also cruelty free and free of gluten. Viseart is available at www.viseartparis.com
  • Sonia Roselli- After some time of hearing about the hype of her products in the pro community, I decided to try one of them, and I was hooked from that product alone. I later ended up purchasing her entire line, and it was worth every penny! I’m all about skincare, so I don’t really like dedicating myself to just one line of products, but with this brand, that is very hard not to do! I use everything in her line every single day, and it has transformed my skin for the better, though I will add other targeted treatments from other brands for various skin issues. However, all of her products are irreplaceable as far as I’m concerned, so I would never substitute them. Sonia and her small team of 3 continue to cater to working professional makeup artists with her phenomenal formulas developed by the top chemists in the US, Japan and Korea, and they will blow you away! Cruelty free, paraben free, with no chemical additives or chemical fragrances, your skin will absolutely fall in love with her stuff! Sonia Roselli is available at www.soniaroselli.com
  • Rephr- This is a beauty brand unlike any other, and I’ll tell you why. Founded by 3 engineers who knew nothing about makeup, this brand has relied on feedback from the pro community in creating these brushes handcrafted by master artisans in Japan. 100% crowdsourced and crowdfunded, all products by this brand are made with the love and support from beauty lovers worldwide. They really listened to our feedback when creating these essential brushes, and it shows! The brand's mission is to give us what we want, and they truly delivered! Their passion to provide quality tools shows in the detail and design of their brushes, as well as how well they perform is something I can get behind! I definitely notice a huge difference in how my Viseart palettes perform when using these brushes! Rephr is available at www.rephr.com