Q&A with @rougewithlove

Name: Kayle Riccobono

City: Baton Rouge
Instagram handle: @rougewithlove

Favorite scent?
I love essential oils, so I really enjoy scents with Jasmine or Rose in them!

The song you love to get ready to?
St. Lucia - Elevate

What does a day in the life of Kayle look like?
After getting my kids fed and dressed I go through my emails and any DMS on Instagram. Some days we meet my husband for lunch and then we go get an afternoon pick me up! This is also when we shoot different looks before he heads back to school. Some nights are filled with drinks with my girlfriends, blogger events, or just giving the kids a bath before the bedtime routine begins!

Your go-to skincare tips or routine?
Toner is a must! You never know what might be left behind even after cleansing twice!

Favorite beauty blogger of the moment?
Hands down my go to girl is Lydia Elise Millen!!