What is the Difference Between a Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Balm?

What is the Difference Between a Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Balm?

If you are finding that you have a tough time getting all your makeup off using your regular cleanser, you may need to shake things up and test out a new product. Many makeup products are oil based and require a bit more of a specialized removal product than the typical facial cleanser offers. This is where oil cleansing balms come in handy.

Cleansing oil versus oil cleansing balms

There are many products on the market with a wide array of names, additives and purposes. Choosing what you need can be challenge. The good news is that when it comes to balms and oils, the only real difference is in viscosity. A balm is oil, it is different from the typical cleansing oil in the sense that it starts out as a solid. Balms have a paste-like consistency when you first scoop them from the container. As you work it into your skin, it liquifies or melts into an easy-to-manipulate oil. Oil cleansing balms are a great option because they are less messy to apply and can be applied with your fingers or a spatula, reducing the waste produce by cotton pads.

Make it last

Products that come in pots or containers that require you to scoop them out are great! The best part of this style of container is that you can scrape out every drop of product – no waste. Pump bottles for creams or oils often stop working before all the product has been used out of them, so choosing a pot or squeeze tube format is best.

Another important tip is that you shouldn’t be afraid of preservatives in your skincare products. The main role of these is to inhibit bacterial growth and extend the life of your product so that you have ample time to use what you paid for before it expires. Preservative-free products can grow mold. If you prefer preservative-free formulas, such as with your oil cleansing balms, opt to purchase smaller quantities to ensure it doesn’t go bad before you can use it. Do note, however, that some of those long, scary sounding ingredient names are actually just scientific names of natural ingredients, or ingredients that have been mildly modified for preservation purposes. Rest assured that Wondergloss only uses the best ingredients for the most natural, long-lasting formulas that are gentle on the skin. Our reviews from happy customers attest to this fact.

Work it in!

Oil cleansing balms work a bit differently than other cleansers or makeup removal products. Follow the directions on the back of the product you select. Generally, oil cleansing balms are worked into the skin a little more to ensure they are dissolving the dirt or buildup deeper in your pores.

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