Favorite Pro Foundations Part I

Now you may think you know what a good foundation is, but no one knows a good foundation better than working professional makeup artists. The standards we hold to foundations are a little higher than the average consumer. Why? Because we need to make sure it's not just for a brunch date or for going out to your best friend’s birthday dinner. We make sure whatever foundations we are using are not only universal, but can also hold up to humidity, heat, water, sweat, as well as that they photograph well and will look good under any, and I mean ANY, type of lighting and environment. We also make sure that these formulas will work on anyone, regardless of their skin tones or types, and that they wear properly and without irritation regardless of how long you have them on for. Another great thing about these foundations is that they are all meant to be manipulated to use as you see fit. What this means is that they can be sheered out for lighter applications, or built up to provide full cover. Plus, all of these pro foundations are made with quality ingredients, never oxidize, have built in primers, are less expensive than that $60 bottle you have sitting on your vanity, and are just plain...well, better!

The average consumer is only aware of what major retailers carry as far as makeup, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a world of phenomenal foundations that you probably haven’t even heard of! You’re about to have your mind blown, and once you go pro, you’ll never go back! So I’m going to take you through exactly what I(and many makeup artists) carry in my kit for my clients!

  1. RCMA - Hands down the holy grail of all foundations, RCMA formulas are very hard to compete with. There is a bit of a learning curve with this foundation, in that it should be warmed up a little before applying, either on the back of your hand or with the heat from your fingers...but once you get that down, OH MY! RCMA, which stands for the Research Council of Makeup Artists, has been an industry staple in professional makeup artists kits for over half a century, and with damn good reason! Manufactured under stringent, small batch conditions for quality and consistency, these foundations are formulated with waxes and FDA approved colors and are free of mineral oils, petrolatum, perfume, and lanolin(which means it’s ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types!). Vegan, cruelty free, hand poured and made in the USA makes this foundation an ethical choice on top of being a phenomenal one! Highly pigmented and known for their versatility, these foundations truly meet HD quality standards for both finish and wear, and their shade range is wide so there is one for everyone! Another great thing about these formulas is that they can be manipulated easily to give you your desired finish, depending on what you use as skincare under it or if you powder to set over, so the options are limitless with a single pan! A little bit goes a loooooong way(I’m a full cover kinda gal, and a pea sized amount of this cream foundation is enough for my whole face)! They have every option you can think of, from single pans to five pan palettes to, my favorite, pro palettes that have 18 shades. My favorite palette is the one for this line by Emmy Award winning beauty expert Kevin James Bennett. It comes with two rows of foundations and a row of adjusters, making it an ideal choice for not only my clients, but for myself to use throughout the year as my skin changes with each season. This foundation is hands down my favorite, and if it’s good enough for Beyonce to use, it’s good enough for us all! RCMA Foundations start at $23 & are available at www.rcmamakeup.net
  2. Face Atelier - This foundation is one I kept hearing about in the pro community, and after a few years, I just had to try it...and I was not disappointed! With a natural, skin like, and dewy finish, these foundations blend seamlessly and easily into the skin. Moisture, heat, and sebum resistant, I find myself going back and forth between this formula and RCMA for clients(and myself!). Plus, it self sets without powder, which means you can have that soft focus dewy look all day without worrying about it ending up everywhere. The mini pro bottles last me for many months, as I only need one, sometimes two, little pumps for my full cover application. Due to the unique blend of silicones in the formula, this foundation forms a delicate, lightweight, and flexible second skin look and feel while wearing it. I know what you’re thinking: silicones are bad. Nope! Not true at all! It’s time to dispense with the widely held consumer belief that silicones are bad for you. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Silicones have a low incidence of skin irritation, and have been PROVEN not to cause acne, and are actually ideal and recommended for troubled skin. Yes, you read that right, you should actually be using them! That’s why it’s more important than ever to separate popular trends and fear mongering opinions from actual science and facts. Unlike talc based products, formulas with silicone provide a barrier between the product and the skin, making it “float” on the surface. Which makes this a great option for any age, since it has a blurring effect over fine lines and wrinkles. Give it a try! Face Atelier Foundations start at $37 & are available at www.faceatelier.com
  3. Cinema Secrets - Ah, good old CS. This foundation will always have a special place in my heart, as it’s the first foundation I started my pro kit with over 15 years ago...and one I still come back to using every so often. Being organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and talc free makes this product great for any and everyone. It’s easy to use and blends into the skin flawlessly, and is made with highest quality ingredients. Used throughout the world by industry leaders for over 35 years, this brand's foundations are an absolute essential for makeup lovers and artists alike! It photographs beautifully and is user friendly as well as ideal for daily use. Similarly to RCMA, these foundations come in singles and in 5 pan palettes, making it easy to contour and highlight with too! Also similar to RCMA, a pan of this lasts for some time, which means you can go longer without having to replace your foundation. Cinema Secrets Foundations start at $16 (yes, only $16!) & are available at www.cinemasecrets.com